Tuesday, 15 October 2013

World’s 11 best high-tech startups head for Eindhoven

5000 hightech hardware teams were screened, 850 approached, 250+ signed in for the program.  In the end 21 teams from 9 countries were invited to the two-day finals in Eindhoven. 

We started the finals with the story so far.

Over an intensive two days, the teams presented and discussed their disruptive technology with investors, entrepreneurs, professors and high-tech specialists. One team from India was prevented from joining us in person by the typhoon affecting that part of the world. But we had intensive video exchanges for several hours in order to give them a fair chance.

Guus Frericks, CEO of Dutch Expansion Capital is one of the lead initiators behind Startupbootcamp HighTechXL. He says that mentors, investors and the whole production team have been amazed at the really high level of all these teams. 

"We're used to slick pitches from those in the web and social media space. But these teams take real science you can touch and feel to the cutting edge. It reminds me that famous brand hardware companies began as small teams with a passion to invent what most of us now take for granted. We've seen living proof this week that it is still possible for dedicated teams to disrupt traditional industries. We were surprised to see "Demo Day" quality potential before we've even started! Diamonds in the rough..."

In the end the following teams were selected for the 2013 program starting on November 11th. 

Ingeny (The Netherlands)
Mint Solutions (Iceland)
AquAszero (Greece)
Dermonitor (The Netherlands)
ThinkSilicon (Greece)
Sensus Energy (The Netherlands)
Stalactite.3D Printers (Spain)
Proxible (The Netherlands)

Winners Never Quit

The trip to the South-Eastern part of the Netherlands paid off for all the teams, even those who didn't get in this time. Guus Frericks encouraged those who were not selected not to give up. “The level was high to start with. Everyone gets insights to take home. And the networking and discussions with investors and mentors is already in full swing. We encourage all the teams to take advantage of the momentum and follow-up on the leads.”

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