Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bring in the Psychologists

Startupbootcamp HighTechXL has been the first to include a psychological analysis as part of the final assessment. "Teams come together to build something. They often meet each other socially or by accident. Two cofounders of one team turned out to be next-door neighbours. But things can become different when teams need to work together under the high-pressure needed to build a company. This all puts a severe pressure on individuals who have never worked together like this before. So a deeper understanding of how the group performs under pressure helps both the teams and the evaluators understand group dynamics. 

Tools like Facet5 are used by psychologists to look for strengths and weaknesses
Since most people's personalities are constant over time, these assessments really do add value. The in-depth Team Dynamics reports for Startupbootcamp HightechXL came from our partners, the InContext Consultancy Group: Drs. Michiel Castelijns, Selma Oskam and Esther Sluijs. 

"We believe it is the first time this kind of assessment been done in such detail with start-ups. Incontext did the analysis for all the teams, even for those finalists who didn't make it to this year's program. They talked through the results, explaining what might be missing in the team dynamics and pointing out possible areas where conflicts could arise.  Understanding what motivates and annoys a colleague is extremely useful."  

"We recommended each team picks up the report again in a few days time and re-reads it. They’ll discover all kinds of insights that may not be obvious under the pressure of the finals. These kind of reports are expensive to produce and analyse, so usually inaccessible to most startupsThat’s why it adds value’ says Patrick GabriĆ«ls of EY and one of the lead initiators of Startupbootcamp HighTechXL.

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