Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer Pitch Days Are Coming to HightechXL

Global Pitch Days on August 29th & September 3rd – read on for details

The recent hot weather is no distraction for the great conversations we've been having with teams applying for the Startupbootcamp HightechXL accelerator program.

We're talking with teams all over the world and encouraging potential applicants to sign-up early. Now we’re announcing a chance for teams to pitch to a panel of HightechXL mentors – the perfect way to test whether you’re ready to accelerate your company – and your team.

Bart Answers the FAQ's

In preparation for our latest program ”Startupbootcamp HightechXL” we’re starting a series of Online Pitch Days targeted at high-tech companies in the early stage of their development. Our mentors are hand-picked from our extensive network of both local and international mentors. They have one thing in common – they’re the very best in their field. All mentors are active entrepreneurs with a wide range of skills and experience. They know what it's like to start a new high-tech company.

Bart Lugard (above) is in charge of our global search for teams.
"Of course, in high-tech, we’re looking for strong teams that have more than just an idea. The winning teams will start the program on November 11th in Eindhoven with a proof of concept or technology proof of principle. Ideally, they should have a demonstrator or a working prototype…something we can see. Paper plans are rarely enough.

We have only software. Can we still apply?

"We have had enquiries from companies who are focussing their efforts on software only. Yes, our high-tech acceleration program may also be relevant to your company. Probably the software somehow enhances the performance of a piece of dedicated hardware or the supply chain. It may also make the object easier to use; like in a vehicle, a specialised sensor, or a robot."

What happens in the first three months of the program?

It is important to understand that during the three months we will not focus on developing your technology any further. Instead, we will use the time to fine tune the business model, validate the customer base, engage with lead customers, sign up pilot projects as well as prepare a world-class investor pitch for Demo Day in February 2014. Others have described our program as building a real-world business strategy.

So when can we pitch to you guys?

We’re announcing the first full day pitching sessions on August 29th and September 3rd which are open to any teams that meets our selection criteria. Interested in pitching? Here’s the link to the online application form. Remember, we’re focussed on 8 areas of high-tech technology that closely match the interests of researchers and investors in Western Europe. These are the areas.

Internet of Things
Machine to Machine communication. Networks of low-cost sensors and actuators used for data collection, monitoring, decision making and process optimisation. Includes intelligent lighting systems, personal entertainment, Micro Medical Systems & relevant Nanotechnology.
Advanced Materials
New materials designed to have superior characteristics, (e.g. strengths, conductivity, weight,) or extraordinary functionality. (like graphene).
(Near) Autonomous Vehicles
Vehicles that can navigate and operate with little or no human intervention. Examples include developments in sustainable personal mobility as well as robots that lay glass-fiber inside pipes, or drone-like vehicles that operate in zones too dangerous for humans.
Energy Storage
Devices or system that store energy for later use. Includes advanced battery technologies.
3D Printing
Additive manufacturing techniques to create objects by printing layers of material based on digital models. From spare parts for obsolete cars to high-grade medical human implants. This area is creating huge interest.
Renewable Energy
Generation of electricity from renewable sources, reducing the impact on climate. From solar cells to tidal power.
Advanced Robotics
Increasingly capable robots with enhanced intelligence, dexterity & senses. Doing things that humans find repetitive, difficult or dangerous.
Lifetech – Medtech
21st century healthcare, including the “quantified self”. Technologies to improve personal wellbeing.

How Pitch Day works

Startups with global ambitions are invited to give a 5 minute pitch before a panel of world class mentors picked from leading high-tech companies in the Eindhoven region. Our mentors are there to listen, analyse and then give constructive, confidential feedback. That usually lasts up to 20 minutes.

This isn’t ”Dragon’s Den” or ”The Apprentice”, where to goal is to entertain people watching at home. This is different.

Win- Win for Everyone

·        You want honest, constructive advice on whether you’re ready to be accelerated. What has great potential? What needs to be fixed? What needs to happen next?

·        We want to meet world-class start-ups and meet the raw talent we know is out there. We'd like to explain why our city of Eindhoven is clearly the best place for your team to accelerate. Confront us with your questions!

Signup here for pitch days.

Good luck from all of us
Jonathan Marks on behalf of 
The Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Team

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