Wednesday, 26 June 2013

So how is HightechXL different from other accelerators?

Here are the top ten reasons to head for the South of the Netherlands for Startupbootcamp HightechXL

1.Access to Next Stage Capital
  • Startupbootcamp partners have diverse investor networks that really understand the different needs of high-tech startups. There is money for great ideas.
  • On board expertise from Dutch Expansion Capital and Ernst & Young (one of the “Big 4”). Unrivalled, Reputable, Relevant, Global Networks.
  • We are connected to over 450 investors in every major high-tech hotspot around the world.

2. Connect and learn from 150+ world-class mentors
  • Most Startupbootcamp mentors are experienced serial entrepreneurs.
  • We have specialists to cover every field - from biz dev to coding & prototype testing. High-Tech expertise is on tap.
  • We'll headhunt for your dream mentors from our unrivalled global network. We open every door possible for those selected for the program.
3. Accelerate 4x faster than on your own.
  • You will focus like never before. It’s a challenge for everyone on the team.
  • Ultra- Fast decision making. Everyone knows the pressure of Demo Day.
  • Startupbootcamp HighTechXL is the ultimate launching platform.

4. Bond with your peers - 9 other world class startups
  • Startupbootcamp alumni consistently rate the help and support from other startups and founders as one of the top benefits of the program.
  • You'll always find relevant expertise, a colleague with the answer to your question

5. Showcase your startup to 300+ investors and get funded
  • Our Demo Days and Sneak Previews regularly attract hundreds of participants most of which are Business Angels and VCs. We hand pick the audience for HighTechXL Demo Day on February 21st 2014!
  • Investors travel to The Netherlands from all over Europe to join our Demo Days; they know they'll meet ten amazing startups.
  • You’ll polish and shape your pitch guided by top media gurus. Deliver a world-class presentation on Demo Day. Media training to ensure maximum global coverage in both mainstream & specialist media during and after the program.

6. Open any door and reach out to the world
  • The Startupbootcamp brand is a real global door opener. Being a successful HighTechXL participant gives recognised credibility. It’s a high-tech power network.
  • There are more than 100+ leading tech companies, large and small within 5 minutes’ walk of our office.

Shinjan Dasgupta. CEO of Proxible. - Attention Technology

7. Eindhoven: the location to launch a high-tech startup
  • 60 nationalities represented on the High Tech Campus. Both Eindhoven Technical University and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) are nearby talent pools.
  • Access to superb state of the art research & testing facilities. 40% of all R&D activities in the Netherlands take place here.
  • We lead in both brainpower and R & D investments (US$4.5 billion dollars in 2012). An average of 4 patents filed by companies on the campus each day!
  • Welcoming, friendly atmosphere. No-one is a stranger in Eindhoven. Help with fast track immigration visas (if needed), as well as housing.
  • Impartial advice on the best path for quick and easy incorporation.

Our offices at HighTech Campus! We're not kidding.
8. Awesome perks
  • €15K per team from Startupbootcamp HighTechXL (our contribution towards living expenses so you can focus on building your company.).
  • Each team gets access to a great package of services from our sponsors and partners with an estimated market value of €525,000. This includes legal and fiscal advice, PR and marketing support, server space, as well as pitch and marketing consultancy.
  • 6 months of free office space in a prime location on the High Tech Campus. Stay until May 30th 2014. (3 months during the program and 3 months after).
  • Be part of our Startupbootcamp Silicon Valley tour in 2014.
  • Participate in Startupbootcamp Alumni Investor Demo Day in London in 2014.
  • Startupbootcamp has fast track connections to many public & private start-up events across Europe and beyond. A perfect stage to discover new customers.

9. Full-time staff dedicated to Team support.
  • The Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Team helps establish your ideal mentor network. Guest speakers invited based on their relevance to the needs of the teams.

10. Work hard – play hard
  • Our office is just above the High Tech campus gym. Great environment for outdoor exercise too. Kitchen and cafe bar within easy reach.

Let’s face it! The alternative sucks

  • Don't be alone in your garage, no-one will ever hear of your discovery. Finance won’t find you either. Feast your eyes on our “leader board of logos” below. Discover the diverse range of expertise. 
  • With 8000+ researchers, developers and entrepreneurs ON SITE, you can really tap into the world’s smartest square kilometre.
  • Accelerate with your peers and mentors. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.
  • Never get stuck: someone in the Startupbootcamp community always has the answer
  • Build on the shoulders of giants: if you're selected you’re already recognised as one of the top high-tech startups on the Planet.

More information & sign-up applications are at the same web address for success. Apply Now. Space is at a premium. There is no chance like this one.

Tip of the hat to our Startupbootcamp colleagues in Berlin for their inspiring words.

Feast your Eyes on Our Logo LeaderBoard – All these companies are a five minute walk from our office!

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